For Chihuahua, Mazatlán is a complementary city for its competitiveness; these are the reasons


The mayor of that capital city, Marco Antonio Bonilla, highlights the opportunities offered by this city port and tourist destination.

Mazatlan, Sin. – Mazatlán is a safe destination to invest and enjoy, highlighted the municipal president of Chihuahua capital, Marco Antonio Bonilla Mendoza, within the framework of the associating with this port.

He highlighted that this capital city is the sixth in competitiveness, below Monterrey, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Querétaro and CDMX, thanks to the work that continues to be done to offer better development opportunities for its inhabitants.

He explained that, for this, he is currently promoting a new dry port for which it is necessary to have an entrance to the sea, is where Mazatlán is docked to continue raising the competitiveness of that Chihuahuan municipality, with the use of its port infrastructure and security it offers.

“Mazatlán is the largest tourist destination in the country for Chihuahuans. Security throughout the tourist area, you always see the police presence, you see order, you see security and for us that encourages us that Chihuahuans can invest here on this beach.”

Bonilla Mendoza pointed out that the controlled area is under construction for the dry port project, which is expected to start operating at the end of this year or the first quarter of 2024.

“It will be a controlled area with a Chihuahua to the Pacific railway spur, with a runway for an Airbus 320 that is already authorized. Having entrances to the sea means for the capital Chihuahua to have competitiveness”.

He added that the qualification granted by the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness, IMCO, is an incentive to continue improving the evaluated indicators, and where, in addition to talent retention and investment attraction, the issue of security is important and therefore there are 1,500 surveillance cameras with facial recognition, license plate readers, drones that read vehicle characteristics, and arches with cameras at all entrances and exits to the city.

Source: Linea Directa