Let the countdown begin! In 9 days crystal clear water will come out in Mazatlán


JUMAPAM works on a chemical method to solve the problem

MAZATLÁN.- Do you still have cloudy water in your home? Don’t worry, this could end faster than you think.

According to Osbaldo López Ángulo, General Manager of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water in Mazatlán, the problem of the turbidity of the water in the port will go down in history in 10 days.

He noted that all that was needed was ‘time’ to wait for the turbidity problem to resolve naturally.

“It is an issue that is naturally going to be removed. I think we are about ten days before this is over, “he said.

Missing? The municipal official commented that they are only waiting for the lagging water to come out of the 6 ponds of the derivatives that exist. In addition to the fact that the ‘Picachos’ dam level is already clear, so it is a matter of days for the water quality to return to what it was before the meteorological phenomena «| Narda and Pamela’.

“The only thing we have left is that lag that is accumulated in the derivatives and that’s it,” he commented.

What was done?

A month ago, JUMAPAM began to apply a chemical pretreatment method to the water that is conducted through the irrigation canals, in order to help reduce the turbidity of the liquid that reaches the Los Horcones Water Treatment Plant.

Source: punto.mx

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