Mazatlan is in the top 5 of the most competitive cities in Mexico


According to the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness and a study carried out by the Council for Economic Development of Sinaloa, “the Pearl of the Pacific” is a place with large areas of opportunity, with high growth expectations.

MAZATLÁN.- Surely you have noticed the exponential growth that Mazatlán has had in recent years, even with a global pandemic that left havoc, and it is this growth and development that has placed it in the top 5 of the most competitive cities in Mexico.

According to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), our “Pearl of the Pacific” is in the fourth position in the category of 500 thousand to 1 million inhabitants, above Cancun, but only below Saltillo, Culiacán and Durango.

What’s up with Mazatlán?

Among the strengths that stand out in this study, Codesin reported that the port remained in the second position of Stable Economy, likewise, it remained in Taking Advantage of International Relations and in the Reliable and Objective Law System, the latter placing it in sixth position .

Among its advances, Mazatlán advanced two places in the Political and Functional System sub-index, placing it in twelfth place, since in 2020 it was placed in fourteenth place.

Its growth in Efficient and Effective Governments was highlighted, in 2020 it had placed in position number 13, this year it rose 5 more places, placing it in position number 8 this year.

The change is noticeable. In foreign direct investment, Mazatlán remained in position number 47 during 2020, however, this year it climbed 21 more places, managing to position itself in 26; it maintained its hotel offer and grew as a port city.

But guess that, according to the same IMCO data, Mazatlán climbed and climbed and as we have shown you in other notes, hotel occupancy was the jewel in the crown, from place number 7 that it was in 2020, it climbed 6, what do you want tell? That placed it first nationally in this sub-index.

In the case of the flow of passengers to or from abroad, it fell two positions, from the eleventh that it achieved in 2020, it fell to the thirteenth this year.

From budgets to water supply, Mazatlán as one of the best governments

In the sub-index of efficient and effective governments, the port gave, according to the IMCO, a positive movement that led it to be placed among the 10 best in the country, read on.

It improved in 7 of the 8 indicators that make up this sub-index, which assesses the way in which local governments are able to positively influence through public policies aimed at promoting local economic development.

The growth was given by the barometer of budget information, own income, water supplied by pipes, new vertical homes, new intraurban homes, population density and alert system. There was only a decrease in the urban area.

What do you need to improve?

In the analysis of urban competitiveness, not everything is honey, there are indexes that need to be improved to increase its competitiveness, one of them is in terms of opportunities, which means, improving the monthly salary for full-time workers, electricity costs and lawsuits for labor disputes.

Mazatlán also lost 11 positions in Inclusive, Prepared and Healthy Society, taking it out of the top 10 places it held in 2020. How did it fail? In terms of schooling, change in the highly qualified population, gender gap in the labor force, women who study, infant mortality and people below the well-being line.

How did it improve? In the growth of health personnel, hospital beds and change in access to health services.

We are convinced that much remains to be done, and according to the forecasts of different sectors, 2022 looks good for Mazatlán.


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