AMLO visits the Picachos-Concordia aqueduct and the irrigation area


The total investment in the aqueduct is $319 million pesos and will benefit an estimated 16,680 inhabitants of Concordia and 11 more towns in the municipality.

MAZATLÁN, Sin.- Governor Rubén Rocha Moya accompanied President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the tour that he made this weekend through the south of Sinaloa, in which among his activities was the supervision of the progress of the works carried out at the Picachos Dam, such as the aqueduct from the dam to the headwaters of Concordia.

These works have a total investment of $319 million pesos, which will have a direct benefit for 16 thousand 680 inhabitants. Its main channel will consist of 33.4 km length with a diameter of 18 and 20 inches.

The construction of the Picachos-Concordia aqueduct will consist of conduction lines and 11 branches that in total are equivalent to a length of 51.37 km to supply of drinkable water with a flow of 79 liters per second. Currently, the works are at 16.48% advances, and an investment of $240.87 million pesos.

A water treatment plant is also being built that currently has a physical progress of 0.13% and an investment of $71.81 million pesos, a water regulation and delivery tank that has a progress of 2.56% with an investment of $7.01 million pesos, in addition to other complementary works, all these works will be for the municipal capital and 11 towns in the municipality, which are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

Regarding the work of the irrigation zone, it was divided into three stages, with the first in 2021, which had $530.44 million pesos and currently has a physical progress of 96.19% and a financial progress of 95.12%.

For the second stage, which is being developed in 2022, a total investment of $1,516.90 million pesos was made and currently has a physical progress of 36.16% and a financial progress of 35.19%.

The third stage of the irrigation zone which will be developed in 2023, the required budget will be $3,083.85 million pesos, which will be 100 percent federal, in which work will be done with the slopes, which consist of 71.61 km of equivalent main channels. 46%, 324.1 km of distribution network with 53%, 543 control structures with 78%, 395.71 km of road network with 77% and 23.98 km of drainage network with 100% of the work. This third stage will bring benefits for 10,046 hectares and 1,334 producers.

Source: Reporte18