Rescues of bathers decrease in Mazatlán


After 108 people were brought to safety during July and August, in November 17 bathers were rescued and so far in December care has been provided to two tourists.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After the rescues of bathers on the beaches of Mazatlán increased by more than 50 percent in July and August, at the end of 2022 these attentions have decreased considerably in the city.

This is because although the presence of tourists is continuous, especially on weekends, there is no saturation, as it does during the summer vacation period.

According to figures from the Aquatic Rescue Squad, in November 2021 the corporation carried out 14 rescues, where 17 people were brought to safety. When making the comparison with the previous year, in the same month there were 6 rescues, with 9 bathers attended.

“It is a pleasure to know that the numbers decreased in this way, the truth is that I did not expect these results, but it is happy to know that people have gone to the beaches with more caution, we will also continue to be aware of any action that happens on the beaches, but the comparison in November of this year compared to the previous one has been very satisfactory,” said Gustavo Espinoza, commander of the Aquatic Squadron .

Only during the months of July and August 2022, 108 bathers were brought to safety, while from January to June 105 rescues were carried out.

The month of December began quietly in this sense, since until the 6th only one rescue had been carried out in which two tourists from Texas who had difficulty getting out of the sea in the Cerritos 1 area were brought to safety.

Attention to tourists

The commander of the Aquatic Squadron pointed out that most of the people who needed support to get out of the sea were tourists who were unaware of the areas where they bathed.

“What influenced the most in the aid we gave is that people did not know how deep some waters were , or how far they could go without touching the ground, they were people from outside, because those from here in Mazatlán are more alert in that type of issues”.

The Mazatlan Post