The Culiacán International Marathon will return on January 22, 2023


This event stopped taking place for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Culiacán International Marathon will return on January 22 after not taking place for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mayor Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil announced.

The municipal president highlighted the importance of this event not only for the sports community but also for the identity of the city.

“For the Culiacán City Council it is of the utmost importance because, Master Cuen must know it well, this Culiacán marathon is already the heritage of all Culiacán residents, we know well what is the importance of the social impact, the impact on sports culture, the impact it has to be able to promote the city is one of the 10 most important marathons in this country,” he said.

He stressed that the sporting event is international and allows him to show the reality of Culiacán to the world, the face that nobody knows, as it is an event considered among the 10 most important marathons in the world.

In each edition of the event, around 3,500 participants on average come from other countries as well as from the national territory and state.

He shared that it is a very positive event in favor of sports, since these events benefit the municipality of Culiacán.

The president of the Culiacán International Marathon Board, Miguel Corral Rocha, thanked the municipal authorities for the support provided in organizing the event and the logistics so that the event could return to the city.

He revealed that soon they will disseminate the call to register all the participants, as well as the activities and events that will take place alongside the competition, including exhibitions, festivals, gastronomic tours, community dinners, among others.

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