The first person in Sinaloa dies from Monkey virus


It is a man resident of the city of Culiacán who died three days ago

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The first death from monkeypox in the state of Sinaloa occurred three days ago, on December 6, it is a patient with a history of having had cancer ( HIV ), a male patient residing in the city of Culiacán, reported Cuitlahuác González Galindo, Secretary of Health in Sinaloa.

González Galindo emphasized that in order for Monkeypox to be transmitted to other people, it must have direct contact with the skin with the active lesions because if the lesions are dry, no contagion will occur.

The official pointed out that the entity is one of the states that have registered fewer cases of monkeypox infections, but, nevertheless, the cities of Mazatlán and Culiacán are where they are most concentrated within the Sinaloan territory, mainly affecting young men.

It also revealed that the patient who recently died in the state capital already suffered from diseases, these being the causes of his death, since monkeypox is treatable with basic medicines, so they are awaiting the results of some studies that they were carried out on him to verify that this was the last diagnosis.

“He is a patient who has other diseases, but also brings or presented monkeypox, we have that case reported, and we call for measures to continue to be taken to prevent the spread of this disease,” he said.

It should be remembered that in Sinaloa there are currently 19 cases diagnosed as monkey smallpox, with 2 currently active cases and 1 more case to be confirmed as well as to determine if it is the disease or not.

The state official emphasized that the disease only spreads when there is direct contact with active skin lesions.


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