Vacation rental spaces oxygenate Mazatlan before high season, recognizes Ricardo Velarde


He maintains that between apartments and houses in the tourist area they help to capture 33 percent, given the insufficient rooms that exist in high vacation periods.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Although it is true, the vacation rental of real estate in Mazatlan makes it necessary to regularize the issue to guarantee fair competition, also the other reality is that until now it has helped the destination to cover the demand in the high seasons in the port, otherwise growth would have been limited, acknowledged Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas.

The secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries pointed out that the real estate developments have helped to cover the demand, which means that it captured 33 percent of the tourist demand, by not having enough rooms, according to the most recent studies. applied in summer vacations.

“That around 6,000 rooms work for vacation rentals in the tourist area , between apartments and houses , so if we consider this data, I think we are oscillating between 20,000 rooms that are offered between hotels and this  vacation rental service. , without a doubt that they have to regularize the issue of services is different , the hotels are absolutely right that these services are regulated “.

Velarde Cárdenas indicated that currently in  Mazatlan before the end of this year three new hotels will open, which means that there will be 2,500 more rooms with them in the destination, which will mean that they will add a total of 15,000 rooms to the service to cover the demand of tourists in high seasons, such as EasterMoto and winter.

The municipal official pointed out that finally both aspects have allowed the sun and beach destination to have coverage and be able to cover the demand of visitors, but where it must be regulated, like everything in the law, they must be fulfilled satisfactorily, since in the case of hoteliers require them to cover taxes and operating expenses.


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