Mayor of Mazatlan appoints Wenceslao Paúl Galindo Maldonado Director of Planning


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- This Friday morning, the Municipal President, Edgar González Zatarain, took Wenceslao Paúl Galindo Maldonado as Director of Planning for Sustainable Urban Development.

The Mayor, in his office, delivered the appointment document to the new head of the municipal office, an action with which he seeks to establish order regarding the development and growth of Mazatlan.

“With this appointment we will seek to establish order in terms of the development and growth of the city, a new director who will be coordinated with IMPLAN, INAH and we will have a meeting to establish agreements and balances with all institutions,” he specified.

Galindo Maldonado, has a professional profile in the area of ​​architecture, graphic design, master’s degree in process and graphic expression in projection and urban architecture and belongs to the Conacyt National Postgraduate System.

He has a doctorate in tourism, a doctorate in architecture, is a member of the College of Architects of Mazatlán AC, Secretary of the College of Architects, Responsible Director of Works of the Mazatlán City Council, registered expert in Coepris, among other specialties.

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