5 Essential Clothing Items for a Luxurious Mexican Vacation


Mexico is a massive country with landscapes and climates to be enjoyed and adventures to be had. It has a rich history and is known for its beautiful beaches, signature cuisines, bright lights, and cultural festivals. All of these help explain why it has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years. If you are attracted by everything Mexico has to offer, you might be thinking of traveling or vacationing there. For this, you should pack correctly, which includes packing essential clothing items. So, what should you take on your luxurious Mexico vacation?

Swimsuits or Swimming Gear

Mexico has a lot of places where you can go swimming. There are obviously many beaches you could visit, but there are also cenotes. These cenotes are not only great for swimming, but they are also great for getting amazing photographs.

For ladies, two to three bathing suits will do so you always have at least one to wear. Swimsuits are a great option whether you would like to go swimming or will spend a lot of your time lounging around the resort or hotel pool. Gents can always get away with packing some shorts.

You should also consider packing some cover-ups. Modest clothing is mandated on some beaches and many restaurants in Mexico, so a cover-up can come in very handy. Consider one that also doubles as a dress or skirt to save yourself some packing space.

Cover-ups are also a great option if you get too much sun early on in your trip and need to cover up for the rest of it.

Blouses and Long-Sleeved Shirts

You will also need some crop tops and blouses for the ladies or t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts for the gents if your itinerary includes outdoor activities. Since you will likely be visiting during the hotter months, ensure that all outdoor clothing you carry is breathable, wicks sweat, and dries fast. You will be sweating a lot, and you don’t want your clothing sticking to your body in the middle of a hike.

Dresses, Rompers and Jumpsuits

You should also pack some rompers, dresses, and jumpsuits for the evening, but this will of course depend on your style and the dress code at the resort. You could always trade these in for some daytime dresses that can transition into evening dresses.

Do not forget to bring a white dress if you are thinking of taking lots of beach and sunset photos. These dresses can also come in handy when going for dinner where you do not want to be too restrictive.

However, all these options are viable only if you are staying in the warmer parts of the country or visiting during the warmer months. You will need to layer during the colder months, which are typically December and January in the northern parts of Mexico which many people visit. You might need to pack a jacket or light sweater so check the weather for your destination to know if you need to.


You should think about your itinerary when packing footwear. For example, you will need comfortable shoes or sandals if your itinerary includes a lot of walking or hiking. For walks around the city and sightseeing, a good pair of High Tops Converse will do. These shoes are comfortable for long periods and look great with different outfits. For this reason, you can complete your look with Converse and have a versatile pair of shoes for different activities. Additionally, these sneakers are great for walks in the city streets which are typically crowded and dusty, but this will depend on the season you decide to visit.

You will also need some sandals if you will be staying in your hotel and visiting the beaches a lot. You might need more rugged options if you decide to go on harder hikes or to visit some of the sites that require them.

Sun Hat

If you are traveling to Mexico from America or Europe for the first time, you will be closer to the equator than you have ever been. It will be hotter due to its geographic location, and you will be subjected to strong sun rays unless you wear a sun hat.

Although sun hats are mostly functional, that does not mean they cannot be stylish. You can go with smaller, cuter hats or hats with a wider brim for total coverage of your head and shoulders. You can also buy packable fedoras that look great and do not take up too much space. Gents can choose from baseball hats, fedoras, and other types of hats that are both fashionable and functional.

Although not a clothing item, remember to pack some sunscreen alongside your sun hat to further protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Mexico is an amazing country, with lots to see and do. Your itinerary will determine what you should pack, but there are some essentials that you should always bring on your trip to the different locations, cities, and sights in the country.

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