Writing the Perfect Travel Essay for Students


As a student, it is inevitable for you to be bombarded with schoolwork, especially essays. Students find all kinds of essays difficult.  

Surprisingly, a type of essay most students underestimate and yet find difficult to write is a travel essay. You would think, ‘isn’t it just traveling?’ It is, but that doesn’t make it any less demanding.

Most students even search for travel essay assignment help online to get professional travel essay services at affordable prices. The good news is that even if you have written your travel essay alone, they can also revise your work to meet academic requirements. With this writing assistance, you now have more time to focus on other academic and non-academic activities.

You don’t need to rely on essay help services to write your essay from scratch. You can write your travel essay and hire them to help you revise it. This article will walk you through writing a perfect student travel essay. Remember, most students find travel writing stressful. You aren’t most students. All you need to do is stick to the tips below.

  1. Choose your preferred location of travel
  2. Write a capturing introduction
  3. Keep the essay simple
  4. Proofread, revise and edit

Choose your preferred subject location.

The first step to writing the perfect travel essay is to select a city or location that interests you the most. Your essay needs to inform the readers about all the interesting encounters, cultures, food, people, and views. So, you must carefully choose your subject location because it can be difficult to write an exceptional piece if nothing is impressive about the place. 

How do you get the best city to write about? Mexico. When in doubt, always choose Mexico. 

Mexico is a rich country with interesting cities, attraction sites, food, and culture that can inspire your writing.

You must pick a few attractions once you have selected the location. For instance, if you are writing about your visit to Mexico, you can write about your interesting experiences at Hierve El Agua in Oaxaca, Mexico’s golden sandy beaches, and any other impressive attraction site.

Instead of highlighting multiple attractions, focus on 2-3 interesting places and give detailed information about them to your readers. Your travel essay must give the readers interesting insights that will keep them engrossed until the end.

Write a visual introduction.

The first paragraph (introduction) is an important aspect of any essay. It’s where you use your words to convince the readers your trip was splendid. Avoid using boring statements, be as vivid as much as you can. 

To do this, start your essay with an unexpected, interesting dialogue and tradition you witnessed during your journey. Your first paragraph needs to be more intriguing or your reader will automatically think the same about the rest of the writing. 

Be warned! Do not give too many details in your introduction.

Keep the essay simple yet vivid.

It is advisable to give only necessary information so you will not over-cloud the main information you wish to pass. Your instructor is only concerned with how well you can describe your experience, so make sure you are using simple words. The trick is to ensure that you skillfully describe your subject location. 

Another important thing to remember is when writing is to share your unique encounters using the 1st person’s perspective. Writing your travel essay in the 1st person point of view makes the reader connect to the story you are writing.

Also, remember to include images in your writing because they complement the verbal description of your experiences.

Proofread, revise, and edit

After you are done with your draft, you need to make sure that you proofread, revise, and edit it. Doing this helps eliminate any form of spelling, grammar, punctuation, or incorrect sentence formation and helps you produce the perfect student travel essay.

To ensure that you have gotten rid of every grammatical error, you can have someone else read it, probably your friend or instructor. When another individual reads it from a different perspective, they can give quality feedback on your travel essay. They can notice some writing errors that you might have overlooked while writing.


To conclude, when writing, you must be well-organized to choose the information you must tell to excite your reader.

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