Mazatlan continues its real estate boom


The president of the Council of State Notaries points out that there are no records of real estate fraud, nor of constructions that have to do with money laundering

MAZATLÁN.- It is clear to us that Mazatlán is growing rapidly and one of the most notorious sectors is the real estate sector, which has increased the activity of notaries.  

However, along with the growth of a city, various problems are added, among them, the well-known real estate fraud, which has caused property damage, affecting the image of the city.  

Rodrigo Llausás Azcona, president of the Council of Notaries of the State of Sinaloa, mentioned that Mazatlán is experiencing one of its best times in development and in the real estate sector, and that, so far, it has no records of real estate fraud.  

“Fortunately, I am not aware that there are real estate frauds, I see that the Public Registry is becoming more and more efficient, it is faster, it must be taken into account that real estate activity is growing in Mazatlan,” he declared.  

Llausás Azcona pointed out that, for now, the real estate situation is going well, and that in the face of a Law that has just been approved and that will soon come into force, things can improve, raising the quality of a city such as the port.

Anti-money laundering law

The president of the Council of Notaries of the State of Sinaloa expressed that they also do not have records of infrastructure or real estate that have to do with money laundering since there are laws and filters that pass before illicit money can enter.  

“The Anti-Money Laundering Law and the Law for the Prevention of Assets and Operations with Resources from Illicit Processes is a Law that bears more responsibilities, not only notaries, but also public accountants, real estate agents… there are limits to avoid the money laundering,” he said.  

He ruled out that there are cases in Mazatlán, especially in large real estate centers, because, although one or another complaint has been detected in some minor property, it has been resolved shortly.  

The Real Estate Law was approved in the middle of 2022, and although there is no date to enter into force, what it seeks is to reduce real estate fraud and certify real estate agents.

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