AMIC inaugurates national convention in Mazatlan


At the convention, different topics related to construction will be raised that will be worked on throughout the day

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- This October 22, the national convention of the Mexican Association of the Construction Industry (AMIC) is taking place in Mazatlán, an event that takes place every three months in different states of the Republic. in order to bring together the business partners of the AMIC and discuss different issues related to construction.

“Having Mazatlan as the venue was a request from some people who proposed the place, because we had held the general assembly here in 2019, which is the annual meeting at the Convention Center, and since they come from all over the Republic, it is convenient for them to know what that we have here in Sinaloa” commented Engineer Efraín Arriola Rodríguez, President of the Southern Region of Sinaloa.

The convention includes a work program for the whole day today, through which different meetings will be held in which ideas, problems and political issues will be exchanged in which they can advise or improve an environment as an association, as well as a tour of fields of agave as part of coexistence.

The AMIC brings together builders, suppliers and providers of professional services, constituting the construction chain, which currently has approximately 3,000 members throughout the Republic and 250 in Sinaloa so far.