‘Kay’ leaves Mazatlan without beaches


The beaches of Mazatlán are still closed to bathers, this, is derived from the strong waves generated by Hurricane Kay.

MAZATLAN.- Although Hurricane “Kay” moves away from the Mexican coast, and passed without leaving major damage to the municipalities of Sinaloa, the strong waves continue on the coasts.

So much so, that the beaches of Mazatlán continue to be closed to bathers due to the continuing high waves, reported the Commander of the Aquatic Police, Gustavo Espinoza, who recalled that yesterday afternoon the waves increased along with high tide, due to which were completely closed.

On a tour of the Malecón, it was observed that Mazatlán ran out of beaches.

For this reason, he asked the local citizens and bathers to heed the restriction and avoid risking themselves.

He added that once the conditions in the sea improve, the different beach areas will be opened, and the information will be issued officially.

A video circulated on social networks where it is observed that the sea came out and reached Camarón Sábalo avenue, which impressed passers-by.

The strong waves also left damage on Isla de la Piedra, where the swell reached the area of ​​palapa restaurants that are located on the seashore.

Source: punto.mx

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