Mazatlan port is now closed to smaller vessels; beach areas remain with restrictions


The Commander of the Aquatic Police, Gustavo Espinoza reported that the Port Authority issued a notice this morning to the user public, about the closure of the port for smaller vessels, among which are those for water sports.


This is due to the fact that they present unfavorable weather conditions for navigation on the coast of Mazatlan, due to the effects of the super storm caused by Hurricane Kay, category one, which is located south of Baja California Sur.

He also said that, given the permanence of high waves, restrictions on beach areas continue to avoid risks. Playa Cerritos, Brujas and the area of ​​Valentinos to the monument to the Sea Wolves, are closed to bathers.

The Commander of the municipal lifeguards added that with caution you can visit the Pinitos beach, from the Monument to the Fisherman to the Hotel de Cima, in front of the Pueblo Bonito hotel, Isla de la Piedra, and Chivos.

In the case of the golden zone beach area, he added that the restrictions remain, so the recommendation is to approach the lifeguards and ask them if it is suitable to enter at the moment.

Source: Rio Doce

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