Mexican engineer uses recycled plastic to build earthquake-resistant houses


The Mexican engineer uses shampoo bottles, milk bottles, and chairs to build the earthquake-resistant homes

A Mexican engineer designed a new material to build environment-friendly homes using recycled plastic

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Ramón Martín Espinosa Solís, an Electrical Mechanical Engineer from the University of Guadalajara (UdG), created this new material and built a home that doesn’t require air conditioning or heating to offer a good quality of life to its inhabitants.

In a statement, the UdG explained that by using recycled plastic the costs can decrease up to 50%. It takes three to four weeks to build a 50 square meters home while building a home using conventional materials takes up to four months.

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The plastic panels used by the Mexican engineer are made from plastic from shampoo bottles, milk bottles, or chairs; it is very resistant and it is believed they could last up to 100 years, while the useful life of a conventional home is between 50 and 70 years

Also, according to the creator, it is more resistant to seismic movements, since it is more flexible

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In order to make the plastic panels, the plastics are separated and crushed; once the plastic is crushed, they make waterless mixtures and then place it in an oven to obtain the panels.

Therefore, the homes not only use plastic, are affordable and environment-friendly, they are also safer during earthquakes

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