Mazatlan Aquarium reopens with new exhibitions


The sanctuary that houses more than 2 thousand species has invested over 2 million in new attractions for visitors

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Mazatlan, Sin.- With an investment of 2 million 64 thousand pesos, on Wednesday morning, Mazatlan Aquarium inaugurated an Interactive Agapornis Aviary, the second stage of the Medusario and the remodeling of the Museum of the Sea.

Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, director of the sanctuary of species, said that the three new attractions are added to the exhibitions that have this recreational center, in order to offer a better experience, facilities and learning to all visitors.

The works began in January and is a total of 2 million 64 thousand pesos, all six works that have been made. The highest cost has been the medusario, the first and second stage with a total of one million 600 thousand. What is the area of ​​Acuaponía had a cost of 200 thousand pesos, the Pez Doctor cost 100 thousand pesos, the remodeling of the premises cost 120 thousand and the section of the cage of Agapornis cost 68 thousand and the remodeling of the museum cost 15 thousand pesos Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda

He assured that thanks to the personnel trained in maintenance and remodeling, as well as landscaping, it was possible to accelerate and save in labor to execute these six works; Aquaponics, Pez Doctor’s contact tank, remodeling of the Sea Museum, Interactive Agapornis Avian and Medusario, are the projects that were launched in this administration.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres attended the inauguration; the president of the Municipal DIF System, Gabriela Peña Chico, special guests, aldermen, and public officials.

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