The promising Tourist Corridor of the Historic Center of Mazatlan in disarray


In its 10 years of existence, it has not received maintenance and lack of parking has generated conflicts between neighbors.

Mazatlán, Sin.- It was born to diversify Mazatlán touristically and 20.5 million pesos were invested in it in 2012.
The idea was to create a tourist corridor that would link the cruise terminal with the Historic Center through Vicente Street Guerrero, but it was never like that, since months later the headquarters of the terminal was changed to the Ferry landing area, which gave rise to the so-called Blue Line that made it easier for tourists to arrive at the Machado square area.

It is the Tourist Corridor of the Historic Center of Mazatlan, which is abandoned and in terrible conditions, in addition to the fact that throughout these years it has generated conflicts between neighbors due to the lack of parking.


“It’s a disaster here, and sometimes even the neighbors get into trouble for the same thing, but this hole that (the street) has is more than two years old, any time there is going to be an accident and there are going to be even regrets, because sometimes the cars have broken the carter (engine) of the cars, and they leave oil and a lot of pigs,” said Julián Osuna.

According to neighbors, when the corridor project was carried out, streets were leveled, facades were painted, trees were cut down and dozens of piles were installed to delimit the area for cars. In addition, benches and trash cans were installed, in addition to paving the streets.


10 years after its inauguration, the corridor looks dirty, lifeless, a large part of the piles have been pulled out to collect parking spaces, the garbage cans are destroyed, the plants have not been pruned and the loose cobblestone gives life to deep potholes in several sections.

No tourists pass through the place and the neighbors have forgotten the dream of establishing businesses for the service of shipping visitors.


“There were so many illusions, hey, they sold us that idea, to put our businesses for shipping tourists, they left us without spaces to park and what is worse, it did not work, because they took tourists through Alemán (avenue), more direct well, towards the Machado (square)”, added Gabriela de Jesús Torres.