Mazatlan’s ‘boom’ can be ecofriendly says CIAD director


The director of the CIAD in Mazatlán, Crisantema Hernández González, pointed out that Mazatlán is in time to grow and that its development goes hand in hand with the conservation of the environment and being a benchmark at the national level.

MAZATLAN. – The famous real estate boom that arrived in Mazatlán can go hand in hand with the conservation of the environment, in an adequate and orderly manner, especially if the wills join forces, said Crisantema Hernández González, director of the Center for Research in Food and Development of Mazatlán.

He mentioned that the CIAD raises its hand to support all developers and investors, go hand in hand with the investigation and thus, adding up, Mazatlan could be a success story that goes hand in hand with the growth of the city without losing that touch nature that characterizes it.

«Wills have to be added, I have always said and I am in the line that the sum of efforts is what will give you success in any activity and objective. As CIAD we can undertake a series of studies, however, if the authority does not include us, does not add us, that means that we will not be successful, ”he declared.

Hernández González pointed out that Mazatlán is a privileged place in terms of flora and fauna, which, of course, is another attraction for tourists.

“We are on time and I trust that the environmental group that belongs to the unit has sufficient knowledge, we would not even start from scratch, here there is an important database, studies that have already been generated,” he said.

The real estate and tourism sector in Mazatlan attribute this boom, from the construction of the Mazatlan-Durango highway, a communication route that managed to bring the northern economic corridor closer to the Pacific in less time, since before, the only access route was the “Devil’s Backbone”.

Since its inauguration, the growth of the Mazatlán area has been evident, also paving the way for the industrial and logistics sector, projecting constructions such as the Mazatlán Logistic Center, the Aerospace Park, and the USMCA corridor of Grupo Caxxor.


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