Sinaloa legislator seeks to regulate online platform such as Uber and Didi


The deputy president of the Public Security Commission, María del Rosario Osuna Gutiérrez, invited private transport drivers to approach the Legislative branch and present initiatives that seem appropriate to them.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The safety of users is extremely important at all times, for this reason, the initiatives that could exist in the Congress of the State of Sinaloa to regulate the private transport service through platforms such as Uber, and Didi and thus be able to formalize them before the Political Coordination Board and, where appropriate, be taken as a legislative agenda for the next period, declared the deputy president of the Public Security Commission of the state Legislative Power, María del Rosario Osuna Gutiérrez in an interview for Línea Directa. 

The foregoing, after the announcement about the operation against drivers of the Uber and Didi digital platforms in Los Mochis, which does not rule out that it will be done in the cities of Culiacán and Mazatlán, seizing cars and applying fines of up to 96 thousand pesos for not having a government permit. 

She stressed that the transport services made are established in the Sinaloa Mobility Law, however, she pointed out that it is important for private transport services to follow the regulations, to reach an agreement with the authorities so that they can have a decree. 

“It is necessary that every regulation that is presented a Law we are going to call it at this moment in the Law of Sustainable Mobility to be applied, that is why I invite private transport services so that they apply initiatives, deliver them to the State Congress, because although I can comment that initiatives that have not been decreed are cited and give it the corresponding meaning, “she said.  

Osuna Gutiérrez also made an invitation for citizens to make initiatives of their interest in the State Congress regarding this issue, since during the interview a comment from a taxi driver arrived at the Direct Line editorial office, which indicated that it is impossible to go against the evolution of marketing services such as Didi, Uber, and even food delivery, he even pointed out that they are pioneers, since the queen is the platform and that is where they should start to regulate. 

Finally, she mentioned that it is important that authorities have an agreement, negotiation, and communication so that they can reach a result, always prioritizing the safety of users.


The Mazatlan Post