Now Uber and private transport Apps could stop being ‘illegal’ in Sinaloa


An initiative to modify the State Mobility Law and be able to regularize the nearly 15 thousand drivers operating under this modality

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The State Congress of the current legislature has already presented an initiative to modify the State Mobility Law and thus regularize the private transport of digital platforms such as Uber and Didi, celebrated Francisco Fauso Galicia, president of the Civil Association for Private Drivers for Mobile Technology Applications App, CPAMapp.

The leader of this group recalled that different authorities have described this type of platform as “pirate and illegal transport” and that, if this law is passed, they can no longer be classified as such.

“What does this mean? That once the decree is issued, we will already be part of the Mobility Law and, for obvious reasons, we will enter into a process of regularization. ”

“What we want is to regularize ourselves, if they say ‘they are irregular’, because so simple: ‘make it legal’, the same Mobility law says it, in Article 1, that it has the power to regularize us,” he said.

Fausto Galicia explained that this initiative was received by the deputy without party Apolinar García Carrera and hoped that at the beginning of 2020 you can have good news about it, because he said that it already received the first reading.

The president of the CPAMapp explained that, if the resolution is obtained in favor, around 15,000 drivers in the State will benefit from applications such as Uber, Didi, InDriver, Avant, among others. However, he clarified that the law benefits operators and not companies themselves.

Source: reaccion informativa

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