Tragic Sunday! They find two bodies in the beach area of Mazatlan


The bodies of the young people were naked and face up, at the moment their identity and cause of death are unknown.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa . — Two lifeless men were found on a rainy Sunday morning in the Playa area of ​​Avenida Camaron Sábalo and near the well-known lodging center where Andrés Manuel López Obrador stayed on his last visit.

The victims, young in appearance, were on their backs and naked, due to the situation in which they were, the causes of death are unknown, but in unofficial details it was mentioned that one of the hypotheses could be suffocation due to immersion in a liquid medium.

The report that alerted the security and aid bodies was given minutes before 7:00 in the morning, people passing through the area issued the complaint, after arriving at the place and appreciating the people, they proceeded to cordon off the area.

Experts from the South Prosecutor’s Office, Grupo Apolo, and funeral employees took charge of processing the area, collecting evidence, and likewise ordering funeral employees to identify the bodies.

In the laboratories of the Forensic Medical Service, the causes of death of both will be announced, as well as obtaining the identity of the victims, regarding the report of missing persons at sea, until the close of operations on Saturday, the Aquatic Squadron had not provided that data.


The Mazatlan Post