Brothers burn to death in fatal Mazatlan fire


The brothers and their parents slept while their house was allegedly burned by a short circuit

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Two brothers died burned in a fire at their home in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, three others escaped

The fire was recorded in a two-story house on Private Street of the Shipyard between Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete streets of the Independencia neighborhood, at approximately 04:30 hours Sunday.

According to the information provided, it was a probable short circuit due to the overload of the electrical system on the second floor of the house, which caused the fire.

A strong smell of smoke was what alerted a woman awakened the fire

When she realized that her house was filling with a dense smoke she began to shout to her family about what was happening.

The family slept when the fire was registered. Photo The Debate

The husband and one of the children managed to wake up and leave the house along with the woman but two more did not respond and the flames was already destroying everything that was in their way.

When the two children did not answer to screams who slept on the second floor of the house they requested the support of neighbors to get their children inside the house, but seeing that the fire had already covered the entire second floor they called emergency and rescue units.

The first respondents to arrive at the aforementioned address were the Mazatlan Volunteer Firemen with two support machines and a Jumapam water truck.

Rescuers receiving the information provided by the owners of the house set out to perform search and rescue maneuvers, while another group took charge of fighting the fire.

After this action, the presence of ambulances was also requested, since the people who were inside probably would need medical attention quickly because of the risk they were running inside the house.

After half an hour of searching, they managed to locate the two people and the fire department canceled the ambulance.

The children were found lifeless and totally burned. It was the personnel of the Municipal Police who were in charge of cordoning off the area and of controlling all the onlookers of the place so that the rescue personnel could carry out their maneuvers.

The bodies to the Semefo of the city. Photo THE DEBATE

Once the fire was controlled and the property was cooled down, the police agents requested the presence of the agents of the State Attorney General’s Office to report the events.

Once the investigators arrived at the place and gathered the necessary information, they requested the presence of the guard funeral home to transfer the bodies to the Semefo of the city and deliver them to their relatives. Also requested once again the support of firefighters to achieve low housing bodies.

Source: el debate

The Mazatlan Post