Five tourists rescued! Increased aquatic rescues in Playa Cerritos de Mazatlán


The aquatic staff calls on society to verify the type of flag that is in the beach area to avoid risk

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. — Active were the elements of the Aquatic Squad assigned to the Cerritos Beach Zone, who in three different interventions rescued five people who were pulled by the sea, all of them only had a nervous breakdown.

Father and son from San Luis Potosí were the first to receive help from the LifeguardsElías43, and his 15-year – old son were carried out to sea by the current, but the timely intervention of the aquatic squad managed to put them on dry land.

A man from the State of Mexico, identified as Francisco Javier25, also saw his life at risk when he was pulled by the current, in his attempt to leave he was seen by the elements that were introduced to save him and provide him with care without the need for transfer.

Father and daughter from Irapuato, Guanajuato presented fatigue and a nervous breakdown moments after being extracted from the sea. Ernesto32, and his 32-year-old daughter were treated in the place where they remained after the intervention.

The aquatic staff calls on society to verify the type of flag that is in the beach area to avoid risk, in the same way they ask to heed the recommendations of the elements.

The Mazatlan Post