Secretary of Tourism reminds people to be careful when booking a hotel, do not fall for fraud!


María del Rosario Torres Noriega called on the population to verify the veracity of the pages to which they agree to make their reservations.

Sinaloa. – The Secretary of Tourism of the State has detected cases of fraud when people make a reservation through the internet, reported the head of the agency, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, calling on the population to be careful and make your reservation through reliable platforms or directly with the hotel so that you are not deceived and lose your money.

He pointed out that as a state stay they have had to accompany some people to file a complaint for this type of fraud, so it is necessary to verify very well that it is not a case of this type when booking at a hotel.

“Making a call to those who book hotels, to do so through reliable platforms because, although it has been on a smaller scale, some fraud has been presented, it has been my turn to attend personally yesterday, we especially accompanied to present the complaint for a fraud mission and personnel from the Ministry of Tourism accompanied them”, he said.

On the other hand, he commented that in these summer vacations there are good expectations in terms of tourism since an economic spill of 4.7 billion pesos is projected throughout the state with the visit of tourists to Sinaloa.

The state official reported that the bulk of the tourism that reaches the entity this season is from other states of the country such as Chihuahua, Durango, Monterrey, Mexico City, while the visit of foreigners drops a little, but it is normal behavior, since the visit of citizens from other countries occurs more in winter.

“There is a lot of local tourism, right now in summer and especially Mazatlan we are going to have an almost full occupation, so the issue that corresponds to us as the Secretary of Tourism is precisely tourism promotion,” he said.

He reported that hotel occupancy is at 85 percent in Mazatlan and a significant increase is expected after the students, teachers and workers who take their vacation period this season go on vacation.

In the case of Mazatlán, Torres Noriega pointed out that it is not an expensive tourism because there are hotels and restaurants for all pockets and they can enjoy the vacations.

He called on the population to visit the tourist centers of the entity, the magical towns, stately towns, beaches, recreational centers, in order to promote more local tourism, as well as if you are going to travel by road, take all precautionary measures. so that they arrive safely at their destination.


The Mazatlan Post