In the Tianguis de la Juárez, in Mazatlán, you will find “treasures” that others believed to be garbage


Clothes, footwear, food and even haircuts, you will find in this iconic place in Mazatlán that you have to know, in which, for a few pesos, you get a lot

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – In Mazatlán, you always have something to do, and if you are one of those adventurous tourists who likes to get to know every corner of the city you visit, you will love this place, not only because of the prices that you can find in each and every one of the products, but because of the great variety of items that you can find, that you didn’t even remember existed, yes, we are talking about the “Juárez” Tianguis

It has been a tradition for many years, that in addition to the offers offered by the municipal market, including greengrocers, butchers and creameries, on Sundays, the variety extends to several streets of the Benito Juárez neighborhood, or as Mazatlecos know it, the capital of the city, where street stalls or merchants with a sheet offer those items that need a second life.

Movies, clothes, toys, lingerie and tennis, clone or original, are put up for sale in improvised “businesses”, there is even a section of barbershops and hairdressers, where expressly and for less than a hundred pesos they give you a cut , one of them, is cared for by Martín Meraz, who since 1979 has set up his bench and prepares himself with his material, which he sterilizes between each cut. 

“So, one of the oldest, like that, that’s how I really am, since 1979, before we used to be deaf and they charged 3 pesos, and there we were, the city hall just came and we ran because they were going to take us away and they took the stuff”.

Although, Martín narrates that these more than 40 years in the place have not been easy, since he has almost been taken to prison, he likes what he does, because it is a fundamental part of the sustenance of his home, with profits in a normal day, above a thousand pesos, but besides that, hairdressing is part of her passion.

The color of this place begins to be noticed as soon as you come through the International Avenue, Insurgentes or Enrique Pérez Arce, between the smoke of the roasted carnitas for the tacos that rises through the sky, or by the roar of the urban trucks that activate the horn speeding up the traffic of the vehicles that are ‘stalled’ by the rivers of people with bags in hand going from one side to the other.

In this folkloric tianguis you find everything, from clothes looking for a new life, which also helps the planet earth, to vegetable stalls in 10 pesos, leashes for your pet, bags, backpacks, hardware for home repairs, everything , at discounted prices and that you can hardly find anywhere else.

There are hundreds of stalls, and although you can find some products for 10 pesos, if you plan to visit them next Sunday, take a good trash, because we are sure that you will want to buy more than one thing for yourself, for your mother or for your home, that here, for very little, you will find even that sheet of the color that you have been looking for so much.

There are hours that you can visit this iconic place in Mazatlan, but for the fed or hydrated, don’t worry, because you can still eat from some weathered tacos, roasted or golden, to some Sinaloan or Oaxacan tamales, or if you already plan the It won’t leave you feeling raw, a plate of birria or often with fresh water from jamaica, lemon, seasonal fruit or pineapple, very cold, is the perfect recipe.

Likewise, in this place you can complete your pantry with grocery products, at much lower prices than any supermarket.

And you, do you already know this place?


The Mazatlan Post