Santa Claus will visit tianguis de la Juárez every day for Christmas and New Year’s Eve


Personnel from the Mayor’s Office of Mazatlán carry out tours of flea markets to reinforce the Close and Open Government program

MAZATLAN.- With the aim of maintaining a close and open government, willing to listen to and resolve the needs of the inhabitants of Mazatlán, Senior Officer Rogelio Olivas Osuna led a tour of various flea markets in the city this Sunday.

From the early hours of the day, accompanied by the staff of the Subdirectorate of Commerce, the Chief Officer visited the Juárez flea market, where he informed the merchants that, starting today, they could leave their structures on the field to work daily until next January 6th.

“We will be holding the Christmas market at the request of the merchants themselves and with the approval and consent of our municipal president (Édgar González) they are looking forward to these dates.”

At the Flores Magón flea market, merchants will have the flexibility to close until 4:00 p.m., thus taking advantage of the increase in sales during the holiday season.

The Chief Officer’s tour also included the Valles del Ejido flea market, where, as in other commercial points, an increase in the influx of customers is already observed.

Olivas Osuna highlighted that in the three flea markets, requests from citizens were attended to and doubts from merchants regarding the procedures to obtain their permits were resolved.

The official reported that during this season, surveillance in the markets by the municipality has been intensified, guaranteeing a safe environment for both customers and merchants, thus facilitating the development of their activities.

 Source: Punto