The Historic Center shines with Mazatlan Music Day 2022 festival


The tropical rhythm and rock were the favorites of the night

MAZATLAN. – Joy, enjoyment and a lot of dancing was what was experienced during the celebrations of Music Day 2022 in Mazatlan.  

From very early on, people gathered to enjoy the good rhythms of local bands that performed at the event organized by the Municipal Culture Institute. 

The best is that there were two scenarios; the first in Plazuela Machado where a Tropical Bandstand was placed and the memory in which the groups played: Marimbatlán, Malavista, Siboney Luján and to close with a flourish the False Cuban Orchestra. 

The tropical son was the perfect environment to make people who were enjoying the great show dance.  

Photos: Karyna Sanchez

On the other hand, in Olas Altas, the Rock stage, located in the emblematic Callejón Liverpool, people attended attracted by the good music of Doblea R Crew, Piedras Muertas, Neurosis and Un trigono.  

All these Mazatlan groups that filled the veins of the spectators with rock, who remembered their youth. 

The Historic Center was undoubtedly the perfect setting to host these shows, which were also completely free. 

Photos: Karyna Sanchez

International Music Day is celebrated on June 21, 2022, it is the same date every year. A commemoration in which hundreds of countries participate offering free public concerts, celebrating the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere. 

World Music Day was established by UNESCO on October 1, 1975. Since then, the idea has spread throughout the world, commemorating it with many events such as outdoor performances. This day coincides with the summer solstice, which has the shortest night of the year. In addition, it also ends the school year in many countries 

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