Municipal Government evaluates ​​​​acquiring a truck to patch streets and avenues of Mazatlán


Mayor Benitez supervised the work carried out by the unit in the city center

Mazatlán.- To speed up the patching work that is reported on streets and avenues that are in poor condition in Mazatlán at this time of year, the Municipal Government is considering acquiring a Bergkamp FP5 non-combustion patching unit, with Inpave technology equipment which has a cost of 6 million pesos.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, committed to providing an immediate response to the needs and problems manifested by the population, this Friday personally supervised the patching work carried out by the Honda brand unit, on Potrero del Llano and Leandro Valle streets in the Center of the city, considering acquiring it through leasing in this government exercise to avoid leaving debts.

During the inspection, Chemist Benitez, accompanied by personnel from the Public Works Directorate, Jumapam and the company, verified the work carried out by the unit, which requires three people to patch.

“In five minutes you advance, three people and the unit are occupied and right now we bring 10 workers covering potholes. This is an excellent”

With a Bergkamp FP5 non-combustion patcher, 3 to 4 cubic meters, that is, 15 square meters of potholed streets or avenues, can be dealt with quickly, however, they currently require a crew of 6 to 10 workers from the Management of Public Works for this work.

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