What’s your emergency? Elements of the Tourist Police will receive English classes


The Director of CAPTA points out that the objective of this training is for the staff to be able to respond in an efficient, rapid, and timely manner to emergencies involving foreign tourists.

MAZATLAN.- Hi, how can i help you? Elements of the Tourist Police of Mazatlan will be trained again in the basic level of the English language, as reported by Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center.   

These trainings have the objective that the staff can respond in an efficient, fast, and timely manner to all the emergency calls that are presented by the foreign community that decides to visit Mazatlan during the next summer vacation.   

“With Public Security we are going to be working before the summer as well, to see the possibility of starting English classes for all the tourist police.”   

It is not the first time that CAPTA has implemented this type of program; In 2019, police officers took a course, but for various reasons the training was not continued. Also in 2020, prior to Carnival, elements had a practice with the Blue Shirt volunteer group, where they received cruise passengers and practiced their English language.   

Photo: Facebook / CAPTA

Macías Fregoso pointed out that, on this occasion, they will not stop the training, but that it will be followed up; now the priority will be to advance to levels with greater difficulty and can be certified as bilingual.    

“This will already be a process from start to finish until they actually get certified, that the group stays and can complete this training so that tomorrow they can effectively do their jobs.”   

Although it is not confirmed yet, it is presumed that approximately 80 elements are the ones that will receive English classes. 

Source: punto.mx

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