Avoid them! These are the crossings that flood the most in Mazatlan  


If your idea is to leave home, you must be prepared and take alternate streets.

MAZATLAN. – It does not take long for the first rain to fall in Mazatlan and it is better that it does not catch you in the street, although if it does, here is a list of the roads that flood the most and that can leave you stranded.

Every year, the rainy season leaves thousands of pesos in material losses, especially in the automotive sector.

In Mazatlán, 25 flooded cruise ships have been identified that become a challenge for drivers.

For example, in the City Center, Miguel Alemán Avenue and Belisario Domínguez Street, as well as Alemán and Aquiles Serdán are the most critical points, according to the Mazatlán Risk Atlas, updated in 2020.

Another point subject to flooding is Camarón Sábalo avenue, which adjoins Paseo Lomas, in Lomas de Mazatlán, and in the Sábalo Country area, exactly in Camarón Sábalo and Tiburón. 

Those that also become a danger are the crossings of Circunvalación and Munich, Clouthier and Arroyo Jabalines, Colosio and Arroyo Jabalines, Colosio and Bahía Magdalena, Colosio and Carretera Internacional, Colosio and Compostela, Colosio and Orquídea. 

To which are also added the Avenida de las Torres and División del Norte, Gabriel Leyva and Calle Rafael Buelna, Gabriel Leyva and Robles; Gutiérrez Nájera and Corona avenues, Gutiérrez Nájera and Juan Carrasco. 

On Insurgentes Avenue and Juan Pablo II Avenue, Insurgentes and Álvaro Ortiz Street, Insurgentes and Cuitláhuac Street, Insurgentes and Heraclio Bernal Street, Insurgente and Gabriel Leyva; La Marina Avenue and Universidad Avenue, La Marian and Luis Castros Street, Mazatlán Avenue with Santa Rosa, as well as Mexico 68 Avenue and Insurgentes. 

Source: punto.mx

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