Aquarium will collect oyster shells to purify the sea in Mazatlan


The collection and a beach cleaning are part of the activities for World Oceans Day which is celebrated on June 8.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A campaign to clean the oceans using oyster shells was announced by the Mar de Cortés Ocean Research Center, which is part of the new Mazatlán Aquarium.

The director of Animal Welfare, Kat Echevarria, stated that the shells will be returned to the sea as natural cleaners of the ocean and formation for oyster reefs, which give a home to crabs, shrimp, and fingerlings, as well as serve as protection from storms.

He commented that the oysters are threatened with contamination and they help us clean the water to restore the oyster beds, the shells are going to be returned so that the larvae have a place where they can adhere.

The Director of Operations of the New Mazatlan Aquarium, Aaron Sprowl, stressed that the main objective is to support and promote a project that will help with ecological and economic benefits in the oyster industry in local areas.


The director of public communication of the CIO, Adreissa Páez Michel, explained that the first activity is “Maz Oyster by the Ocean”, in which they will ask the restaurateurs and citizens who take all the possible shells to the New Mazatlan Aquarium in order to recycle them. .

” The first activity that will take place on June 8 has to do with the collection of oyster shells and their recovery to plan and see how we can recycle them. We cannot do this first action alone, because when they are done together, they have more reach and we know it and that is why we want to work with Mazatlecos and tourists, “he said.

In exchange for the donation, they will receive tickets for upcoming raffles that will be held by the New Mazatlan Aquarium, which include prizes that could be guided tours, once the aquatic center is ready.

The second activity is Beach for the Turtles, and it is a cleanup that seeks to prepare the beaches for the season of arrival of turtles in Mazatlan.

The points for the cleaning that will take place on June 11 will be Pinitos Beach, Monument to the Fisherman, Monument to the Sealions, UAdeO beach, Brujas Beach, Estero del Yugo beach and Cárcamo de la Jumapam beach.


The Mazatlan Post