Investment at Sinaloa’s CIP Playa Espiritu exceeds three billion pesos


The project was canceled by the current AMLO administration

Escuinapa, Sin.- The investment that was applied in the already canceled CIP Playa Espiritu project exceeds three billion pesos, as reported by Eduardo Bazua Hernández, FONATUR delegate in Sinaloa.

The millionaire project, had its birth in 2016 when Felipe Calderón was President of the Republic and was followed up by Enrique Peña Nieto, until it was canceled in 2018 upon the arrival of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the Presidency of the Republic.

The FONATUR delegate commented that until 2018, which was when the last major resource was applied to the project, the amount invested in it was just over three thousand 200 million pesos.

“The investment until 2018, which was as far as the investment went, is more or less 3.2 billion pesos, between the purchase of the land (which was 120 million dollars) and the infrastructure that is right now, which are streets, the hotel, the fence and all the services that were installed on the property”.

Eduardo Bazua said that they are only investing in maintenance.

He added that although resources are no longer being invested in large works, an annual resource is being used to maintain the existing infrastructure to prevent it from deteriorating and being lost.

“Right now there is no longer a resource for what is work or infrastructure, it is only used for maintenance, this year we have around seven or eight million pesos.”

The hotel was one of the works with the highest investment. 

He also stated that the size of the CIP Playa Espiritu project property is 2,381 hectares, which are being raffled off in lots of 1,500 square meters each.

To conclude, he reported that FONATUR will remain in charge of the property until the entire land is raffled off or sold and it passes into private hands.


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