New Mazatlán Aquarium required the work of experts from five countries


Mazatlan, Sin. – The most anticipated tourist attraction in the south of the entity is about to open its doors and unveil the work that experts from at least five countries had in it, such as Turkey, Japan, Denmark, Portugal, and Mexico.

The new Mazatlán Aquarium maintains its opening date for April 29, so that all those interested can visit it, enjoy it and live the experience, which, according to its executive director, Rafael Lizárraga Favela, the cost of access will be worth it.

“It will be a price, quite attractive and quite competitive with the market and they will also pay for what they pay for access to the aquarium. They are going to enjoy the most important tourist product of the Sea of Cortez and they are going to have the opportunity to see a first world aquarium. An aquarium in which companies from different nations have worked, from Japan, Turkey, Denmark and obviously companies from Mexico, to be able to deliver a high-quality product, at the height of what Mazatlán represents. “

In an interview for Los Noticieristas, he announced that next week the mystery of how much his ticket will cost will be revealed, both for locals and tourists, through the website: www.granacuariomazatlá, which will be enabled as the official site.

Lizárraga Favela confirmed that the Federal Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, will be visiting the port to inaugurate the facility that has the touch of Tatiana Bilbao, a renowned architect, who offers iconic landscaping in the New Aquarium.

“Yes, he is going to be there, surely at the opening ceremony. As I was telling you on the 29th, we open to the public, but the inaugural act will be a few days later, we will announce them when they tell us, the agenda and the program and we will surely be here, because this is a public-private association, where the Federal Tourism Secretary participated”

In addition to this, he mentioned that the educational part that he has been having with the previous aquarium will not be lost, on the contrary, he plans to strengthen it to be the link between the community and the oceans, working on concentration values, networks and offering guided tours to institutions with low-income students.

He pointed out that the New Mazatlán Aquarium will be an ally of national, international, business, and congress tourism and it will also serve to show it off at the next meeting of the FFCA, where Mazatlán will be the venue in November, a meeting in which he seeks that the shipping companies order overnight in Mazatlán to their boats, that is to say, to increase the economic benefit of cruise passengers in the city.

Source: Los Noticieristas