Take care of your children! They locate 23 missing minors on the beaches of Mazatlan


Reported 83 thousand 680 attendees during Good Friday, as well as 5 water rescues, 5 detainees and 11 pre-hospital care

MAZATLAN.- A total of 23 missing minors were located and returned to their parents, during Good Friday as a result of Operation MAZseguro, Holy Week 2022 in Mazatlan, which registered an influx of 83,680 people in the beach area. 

5 water rescues were also carried out at different points in the coastal area, 5 people were arrested for disturbing public order on Del Mar Avenue, while the Civil Protection elements provided 11 pre-hospital care. 

During yesterday, the authorities did not report traffic accidents. As for the night operation, the balance is 1 person arrested for infraction, 2 road mishaps and 3 pre-hospital care. 

Photos: Courtesy / City Hall of Mazatlan

The Alcohol Program showed a balance of 34 drivers sanctioned for exceeding the permitted limit, including 5 women. 

It was announced through a press release that 180 tests were applied in the Breathalyzer, 122 to men and 58 to women. 101 showed alcoholic breath, but within the authorized range. 5 people were referred to the civic judge and their units were placed under protection in the municipal pension. 

The biosecurity operation continues to be deployed this Saturday. The municipal government continues to urge the local population and tourists to enjoy this holiday and observe protection and care measures, also respecting road regulations. 

Source: ounto.mx

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