Tourism Commission will encourage Sinaloans to visit its 18 municipalities


The deputy president of the Tourism Commission of the State Congress, Luz Verónica Avilés Rochín indicated that it is important that successful programs such as “Meet my municipality” be rescued.

Culiacan, Sinaloa. – It is incredible that you find Sinaloans to the north who have never been to Mazatlan and vice versa, said the deputy president of the Tourism Commission of the State CongressLuz Verónica Avilés Rochín.

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He explained that the Commission will seek to promote or return the “know my municipality” program, which consisted of transfer packages at a very low price, where on occasions the government supported him with accommodation and food and some special dynamics of an end from week to month, in different municipalities of Sinaloa so that all Sinaloans know the entire Sinaloan territory.

“It is incredible that you find Sinaloans to the north who have never been to Mazatlan and vice versa, having an incredible cultural, historical and tourist wealth in Sinaloa, such as the magical towns, the stately ones, even the towns that do not have a tourist vocation have a lot of history to offer,” he said.

Avilés Rochín stressed that it is extremely important to rescue these types of programs that are successful and that do not obey only one administration, but already have several administrations and several state governments operating.

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