Cruise ship companies fall in love with Mazatlan


The Ministry of Tourism will attend the International Cruise Convention in Miami, Florida, and will seek to make cruise ship companies fall in love with the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’

MAZATLAN.- The popularity of the “Pearl of the Pacific” is echoing and it is precisely what the Ministry of Tourism will take advantage of to bring more cruise ships, not only to Mazatlan but also to Topolobampo.  

Where? At the International Cruise Convention, which will take place from April 24 to 28 in Miami, Florida, in the United States; there they will find not one or two, but dozens of shipping companies that have not yet come to the port.  

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The Secretary of Tourism pointed out that this will be a unique opportunity to promote shipping tourism at an international level, in which it is not only sought to detonate the exposure of Mazatlán as a port of arrival, but also Topolobampo, and thereby generate greater economic spillovers from cruise tourism in the entity. 

“We have had very good activity in terms of cruises. If you realize how we have each week and we have very good expectations for this year, but it is important to be there at these events to be promoting the destination, not only Mazatlan but also Topolobampo”, he declared.  

Torres Noriega commented that in order to meet the goal, the aim is to include municipal governments, including the invitation to the mayor of Ahome, as well as port authorities from the Comprehensive Port Administration, who will be attending this important shipping event.  

He specified that in this cruise season, the state has greatly benefited this year, particularly Mazatlan, which only in this month of April has had the arrival of 17 cruise ships, and this Easter received more than 15 thousand cruise passengers.  

“It is important to be at these events to promote the destination, not only Mazatlan, but also Topolobampo. We want these cruises to be reactivated, because in addition to benefiting it, it benefits Mochis, the Fort, and there are different tastes in the people who come”, he said.  

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This week 4 cruise ships arrived, 3 on Wednesday and 1 on Friday, the latter was the Vidanta Elegant cruise ship, a Mexican investment ship that will establish the Puerto Vallarta-Mazatlán route with a frequency that is yet to be defined for its arrival. 


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