Easter holidays curfew implemented on Mazatlan beaches


MAZATLAN. – Although religious festivities are an important and fundamental part of Holy Week; Holidays are characterized by the fact that hundreds of Mazatlecos go out to enjoy the beaches and the sun but above all banda music.

Sonará la tambora hasta las 8 de la noche en el Carnaval de Mazatlán,  músicos tramitan permisos - Los Noticieristas

It is a tradition that during these days of rest, dozens of bands work on the beach to please locals and tourists with typical songs from the region. Thanks to them, the beaches of Mazatlan become a great stage where more than one person dances.

Disfrutan turistas la banda y playas de Mazatlán

According to Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, there will be rules that the musicians will have to abide by, the most important of which is their work schedule, which is stipulated to end by 8:00 p.m., after which time no band will be able to continue playing. in the beach area even though people have paid.

“I already spoke with the Senior Official and she will speak with the musicians, I promised until 8pm, the schedule that has been managed so that the band can play on the beaches,” he said.

Fondo de Emergencia para Músicos de Mazatlán - Sociedad de la Guitarra  Mazatlán, A.C.

What will happen if they ignore it? The municipal president made it clear that they will all take one band, and if they see someone playing, they will withdraw all the bands and they will not be able to work the rest of the days and, if necessary, the public force will be used.

“If we find a band playing after 8pm, I will take out all the bands, they will all pay for one, so they have to take care of each other. Will the public force rule like last time? If necessary, yes, ”she stressed.

They will be watched

The mayor reported that he has already sent notices to restaurateurs and hoteliers with the indication that if they see a band playing after hours, they should report them immediately.


The Civil Protection coordinator in Mazatlán, Eloy Ruíz Gastélum, reported that in the beach area there will be hours from 08:00am to 20:00 for both bathers and musicians. In the case of bathers, after 8:00 p.m. they will not be allowed to enter the sea and may stay until 10:00 p.m. in the beach area.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx, punto.mx

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