Mazatlan will increase capacity to 90% in closed places


The mayor of Mazatlan reported that the provision comes into force as of this Friday.

Mazatlan. Sinaloa-. Finally, the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced that the capacity in closed places will go from 80 to 90 percent, while outdoors it will be 100 percent; all this starting this Friday and throughout Holy Week.

“ All the restaurants, hotels, shops are informed that whoever violates this will be heavily sanctioned, economically, which is what hurts the most, the economic sanctions, that is where they cry, then it will be an economic sanction, and as soon as to the musicians, the Senior Official is going to speak with them, I promised that until 8:00 at night they can work in the beach area, as it has been; and if we find a band playing after 8:00, I remove all the bands from the beaches, ”she warned.

Mayor Benítez Torres explained that they sent a letter to hoteliers and restaurateurs that if they see a musical band playing after 8:00 at night, immediately report it, because if necessary, the public force will be sent to remove them from the beach. .

“The most serious thing is if one violates the rules, they all lose, they themselves are going to take care of each other,” he said.

He warned that it is forbidden for musical groups to ride on top of vans and that the circulation of the razers is on the beach.

He added that the traffic officers must put order, so that no shows of any kind are recorded at the traffic lights, in addition to the fact that there will be no tolerance and strong economic sanctions will be implemented.

He announced that on Tuesday the starting signal for the security operation for Easter will be given, with the participation of more than a thousand elements and all the rescue associations.


The Mazatlan Post