Video: After reaching agreements, beach vendors in Mazatlan dissolve protest


The announcement was made by union leaders, as well as the group of lawyers, and although it generated disagreement among the union members, the measure was accepted. 

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With voices for and against, the demonstration to the Municipal Palace that had been scheduled for this Friday morning was dissolved by the leaders of the six unions of vendor workers in the federal zone. 

The announcement of the dissolution of the protest was made by Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, leader of one of the groups, as well as by José Antonio Serna Valdez, a lawyer for the union members, this, because since Thursday agreements were reached with the Official Senior to address various problems exposed. 

However, and despite the fact that the peaceful march was not carried out but demanded respect for their rights as dealers, there was disagreement on the part of some of the sellers of various items, because they pointed out, the idea is that the problems to be made visible the ones they are facing on a daily basis.

Some of the accusations made by street vendors are based on abuses by municipal police officers and inspectors from the Mayor’s Office, who harass those who have Semarnat permits, but tolerate the presence of “illegal” vendors.


The Mazatlan Post