Vendors and musicians out! Guests are conditioned to stay in a hotel in Mazatlan


The Mayor’s Office publicly admits that there is knowledge of how tourists are conditioned to stay in a hotel in the Golden Zone and that the musicians are NOT welcomed.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The rejection of the noise generated by the musicians on the beach and that this week caused a protest by them outside a hotel in the Golden Zone, caused this lodging center to now put conditions on its guests, where the only requirement is that they do not contract this service, declared Nayla Velarde Nárvaez

The senior official of the City Council in Mazatlan indicated that to avoid more conflicts, both the hotel representative and the union leaders themselves were summoned to analyze this issue; No agreement was reached, but they will continue, and will even join federal authorities since the businessmen insist that the musicians stop working on the beach.

“That’s true, when you enter they give you a request where they tell you, if you want to be in that hotel, just one of the requirements is not to contract the music, so as not to affect third parties, because of the noise annoyance, because It assumes that each person is responsible for signing the agreement or not, because I believe that it is already the decision of each person,” he indicated.

She said that in the first meetings both parties were asked for tolerance, in whose talk it was about conciliation, but the businessman argued, that his guests complain that they do not let them sleep, despite the fact that the work schedule for musicians till 8:00 p.m.

Given this situation, added the senior official in Mazatlan, that they will add the federal body to analyze the issue, but it was made clear to the businessman that the beach area in front of this hotel is not private, but public, because apparently, he does not want beach vendors or musicians, when that cannot be allowed either, especially if everyone complies with the established regulations.


The Mazatlan Post