Mazatlan beach vendors seek to form a new union


There are 83 tolerated vendors who make up the cooperative

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A total of 83 tolerated vendors in the beach area decided to form a cooperative in order to have access to all the support programs that exist from the federal government.

The representative of traders, Jorge Ramos Martinez, said this will be the first cooperative is in Mazatlan from beach vendors and will be called “Cooperative Beach Vendors and Traders.

“We already have our minutes, we are ready to be certified and we come to ask for the support of our president to help us out and help all the people who are working in one way or another, who want to formalize your activity and is contributing. We are 83 members and they all work on the beach, but in an irregular way ”.

Ramos Martínez commented that all these vendors are tolerated and sell from donuts, hats, and belts, so they want permission, so they will be part of this cooperative, and so that they are treated well by the authorities of the three levels of government.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, beach vendors have lived through very difficult months, since their sales fell to the ground, so they hope that with the economic reactivation that Mazatlán is experiencing and the arrival of tourist cruises, their situation change.


The Mazatlan Post