Sinaloa health secretary warns covid infections and deaths will increase due to Mazatlan carnival


The Secretary of Health stated that within 5 or 7 days the infections of Covid-19 derived from the carnival will be reflected and in a month the deaths.

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- In the celebrations of the Mazatlán Carnival 2022, which will culminate next Tuesday, nothing bad will happen, the only thing that will happen is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads, said the Secretary of Health in the State, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda.

The official explained that it will be until 5 to 7 days after the carnival, when the Covid-19 infections are reflected and within another month when the deaths derived from this event are registered.

“ In the carnival, nothing is going to happen, only people are going to get infected and after contagion, 5, 6 or 7 days there are symptoms and after a month people begin to die,” he said.

He commented that currently the case fatality rate for Covid-19 is shown to be falling, in that sense, he stated that the only thing that the carnival could cause is that the decrease in infections and deaths from the disease in the entity is stopped.

Four days before the Mazatlan Carnival, the official called on citizens to self-care, even for those who did not attend the carnival:

Absolutely no covid protocols were enforced at Mazatlan s Carnival

The Martiniano Carvajal park was fenced with fences that were easily removed and through which people entered and left as if nothing had happened.

Minutes before the long-awaited Naval Combat begins on Del Mar Avenue, thousands of Mazatlecos are arriving at the tourist strip to witness this light show.

According to the biosecurity operation, there were going to be 12 access points and two sanitizing booths for each one, 24 in total.

At least in the access to Gutiérrez Nájera and Aquiles Serdán avenues, there was a single booth, a Civil Protection element, two police elements, and about three Culture hostesses applying the antibacterial gel.

On one side of the main access, one of the fences was partially removed so that people who wanted to leave the carnival area could exit through there; however, there was no lack of acquaintances or friends of the security elements, who asked to let them pass, those who brought their badge or those who said they were already inside and had only left for a few minutes, to skip the line and the sanitary filter.

The Martiniano Carvajal park was also fenced with fences that were easily removed and through which people entered and left as if nothing had happened; In a range of 180 linear meters, no security element was observed to ensure compliance with the protocols.

At the main entrance, people were asked to wear their face mask, but once inside, many were seen wearing it incorrectly or not even using it.


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