Badiraguato resumes its normality after “Black Thursday”: Mayor says


Access to the municipality by road is free and safe, so people can move without problems, said the mayor of Badiraguato, after the blockades that were also registered in the municipality during “Black Thursday”.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.– Almost a week after the operation to recapture Ovidio Guzmán López “El Ratón”, in Badiraguato everything indicates that the routine of its inhabitants has resumed, with free roads and highways and the supply of medicines and food, all under normality, affirmed the mayor of this highland Sinaloa municipality, José Paz López Elenes.

In an interview on the first broadcast of Línea Directa, the municipal president of Badiraguato pointed out that on January 5, on the so-called second “Black Thursday”, there were blockades that also impacted access to this municipality, in the same way as in other areas of the state.

The municipe indicated that the greatest difficulty they encountered was the blockade of the Mexico 24 highway, by Mocorito, at the Badiraguato intersection, the Army surrounded the area with instructions to the inhabitants not to leave security.

López Elenes commented that last Friday, in coordination with the State Government and the Mexican Army, and Civil Protection elements restore access to the highway and to Badiraguato, for the supply of medicines and food.

“Fortunately, everything is normal in Badiraguato, I can also tell you, in Badiraguato we were very calm, the biggest difficulty was that. It was on Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th, during the morning, by the afternoon we had practically reopened the road and that helped us a lot”, he stressed.

Regarding projects for 2023, the municipal president shared that, by having financial discipline, they managed to plan the public works for this year and work will continue on the municipality’s infrastructure.

Likewise, the mayor stressed that this year will be the strengthening of all areas, addressing the difficulties in drainage, especially in the central mayor’s office. Last week the drainage work began in the La Ciénega de los Lara community.

In the central mayor’s office, on the street that is known as the Arroyo de Arena, he said that there will be double drainage, one for stormwater and another for the houses. This work began this Monday and is expected to be completed in a month. Later, the road will be paved.

In relation to public lighting, López Elenes commented that in the first year around 850 lamps were installed in the central mayor’s office, while unions such as Higuera de Álvarez are about to deliver more than 200 luminaires.

Source: Linea Directa