Mazatlán will have a new landfill and municipal cemetery


The mayor announced that the cemetery will be located at the north exit on land owned by the municipality.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For next year Mazatlán will have a new sanitary landfill and municipal pantheon, announced the mayor Édgar Gonzalez Zataráin.

Without giving many details about the projects, he announced that the land for the landfill will be attached to environmental regulations.

Regarding the new cemetery, he said that it will be located at kilometer 5 of the Mazatlán – Culiacán highway.

He stated that the procedures are already advanced and that the resources labeled for both projects will come for next year’s budget .

“I tell them and I give the advance, it is in permit processing, I clarify, because to make a cemetery there is a permit processing permit, soil studies. It will be at kilometer 5 of the Mazatlán – Culiacán highway, that is, a little ahead of where the Federales de Caminos are , on land owned by the municipality, ” he said.

González Zataráin pointed out that since he was secretary of the City Council he already had knowledge of some land available for the construction of the new pantheon, for which reason the project is now moving forward awaiting feasibility.

He explained that the land belongs to the City Council for more than 20 years, and corresponds to 7.6 hectares that will be impacted for the construction of the cemetery.


The Mazatlán municipal dump is already at 98% of its capacity and it is estimated that at any moment there will be no space to deposit the solid urban waste generated by the city.

Currently, Mazatlán generates 604 tons of garbage on a daily average. In the dump there are 300 collectors that operate in the space where the waste is deposited.

A sanitary landfill consists of depositing solid waste on the ground, which is spread and compacted until it is reduced to the maximum so that it occupies little space; Later they are covered with a layer of earth and compacted again .

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