Mazatlan 2021 Carnival already being planned


The topic is already being worked on, with proposals and designs, but everything will depend on the indications of the Health Sector regarding the Covid-19 pandemic to carry it out normally, the Institute of Culture pointed out.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For the organization and realization of the Mazatlán 2021 International Carnival, we will depend on the indications of the Health Sector, given to the times of Pademia by the Covid-19 that we are experiencing, were the words of the director of the Institute of Culture, Tourism, and Art of Mazatlan, José Ángel Tostado Quevedo.

However, the public servant assured that some preparations are already cooking for what would be the maximum celebration of the porteños.

“The planning of the Carnival practically ends and we start (with the other), right now they are working with the theme, they are working with proposals, designs, and others for them and without a doubt, they are going to look for top artists, still We do not have a name, and for this, we will carry out a kind of uprising of artists who are in the moment and what citizens want, “he added.

Regarding the pandemic, he said that they do not know how he will walk due to the indications of the Health Sector, so he prayed that this is finished as soon as possible since everything will depend on the infections and the traffic light at the time.

“We will be planning, planning everything that is Carnival 2021, and all the culture throughout the year, for now, all of July we have it full of activities, which will be transmitted through our Culture page,” he said.


The Mazatlan Post