AMLO doesn’t know what to do with Peña Nieto’s Dreamliner


According to Bloomberg, the infamous, state-of-the-art $130 million presidential Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliner is becoming a big headache for the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Mexico is flying back the luxurious aircraft from California after failing to sell it for over a year, Lopez Obrador admitted on Tuesday January 14th during his daily press conference, adding that they are rethinking options to get rid of the plane.

Lopez Obrador said he even offered the plane to U.S. President Donald Trump and agreed to receive goods in exchange, to no avail. “We give them the plane, they can pay us in kind. We need X-rays, ambulances, tomographs, laboratories,” he said. “We didn’t get an answer.”

The government is now open to renting the plane or splitting ownership among 12 holders, AMLO concluded.

The Mazatlan Post