Forget Río and Mardi Grass, the Mazatlan Carnival is a World-Class event (VIDEO)


New Orleans and Rio may get all the hype, but did you know there are plenty of huge Carnaval celebrations in Mexico as well?

One of the most famous takes place every year in the coastal city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

For one week, the oceanfront Malecon is packed full of revelers who come out to enjoy the massive parade, fireworks, live music, and the epic party that ensues.

Outside of Carnaval, there are still numerous things to do in Mazatlan. Explore the beautiful historic center, take part in some water sports, play a round of golf, or just go lounge on the beach on nearby Stone Island.

Mazatlán Carnival is said to be the third biggest carnival in the world with over a million people celebrating in the city for the six days before Lent.

Mazatlán Carnival or Carnaval de Mazatlán is a pre-Lenten carnival celebration that is now celebrating its 122nd year. It takes place every year in the five days preceding Lent as is the most anticipated event of the year! Mazatlán Carnival claims to be the third-largest carnival in the world with well over a million people heading to the city, to celebrate carnival. There is no other carnival in the world that celebrates like Mazatlán who is known for its abundance of brass bands.

Mazatlán Carnival is without a doubt one of the most unique and vibrant celebrations in all of Mexico and absolutely worth experiencing. Despite the fact that Mazatlán is a popular international tourist destination almost the majority of the people attending carnival are from Mexico. The locals say that carnival is part of their DNA and that carnival runs through their veins. Work and school come to a halt during carnival so that everyone can be swept up in the carnival spirit.

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