In Sinaloa, 57 percent of children do not know how to read, write, or do math


During a meeting with the Education Commission, the holders of Basic Education and Linkage of the SEPyC also warned that there is an educational system with limitations

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- During a work meeting of the Education Commission of the State CongressCitizen Parliament assured that 57 percent of Sinaloan children do not master basic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics.

In the meeting with experts in basic education to collect proposals that help raise the quality of education in Sinaloa, David Moreno Lizárraga and Jesús Enrique Ruiz Cortés proposed some guidelines to improve education, ensuring that without this learning and without feeding and early stimulation all efforts to improve learning will be unsuccessful.

Likewise, Horacio Lora Oliva Undersecretary of Basic Education and Jorge Quintero Salazar, Undersecretary of Liaison of the Ministry of Public Education and Culture, lamented that the policy that has been applied in an ordinary way has been very pretenseful.

“We have an educational system with long-standing limitations that require major surgery, requires a reformulation of curricular programs, educational materials, the curriculum of teacher training schools, which is where an important part of what it would be the vision of the concept and process of the teaching profession in general”, pointed out Lora Oliva.

He specified that teachers represent a fundamental part in education because they are the ones who ground the educational fact, in such a way that depending on the teacher’s training, to a large extent, it is the character of the teaching-learning process in schools.

“There has been a policy of simulation, the normal ones educate or propose to generate skills, skills for the didactic part, but there is little attention for the formation of a social conscience of commitment to a good that is the heritage of the Mexican people, such as education”, he noted.

The mass education systems, they abounded, have been formed in the country under the demands of society itself and therefore it must be preserved and it must be given the character of a good that must reach all people.

“It is a public education system that must be taken care of in its quality, we must take care of it and maintain it because our children and young people go there,” he said.

For his part, the Undersecretary for Liaison stated that they are seeking to solve a lag that they have been finding in all areas of public education.

Jorque Quintero reiterated that they encountered quite a challenge, with many difficulties in approaching strategic projects to consider new results in public education.

He said that math skills must be recovered to raise educational indicators and thus contribute to good results.


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