Morena and teachers union bury educational reforms


The opinions will be discussed and approved today by the full deputies

According to Reform , the Education Commission approved last night, with 22 votes in favor by 7 against, the opinions that guarantee the participation of the teachers unions in the distribution of places and teacher promotions.

They add that the opinions will be discussed and approved today by the full deputies. Outside the Chamber, a representation of Section 22 of the CNTE, of Oaxaca, followed the discussion of the legislators, with the aim that their demands would be embodied in the secondary laws.

Inside, federal deputies linked to the teaching profession, such as Adela Piña , president of the Education Commission, and the legislators and leaders of the Oaxaca teachers, Azael Santiago, and Iran Santiago, set the pace for the discussion.

“The 2013 reform, which did so much damage, today is completely dismantled,” said Deputy Piña. The requirements of the CNTE were reflected in the secondary educational laws and provisions of the educational reform of Peña were annulled as the evaluations linked to the permanence in the teaching service.

The Law on the Career of Teachers and Teachers provided that the places available in the entities will be automatically delivered to graduates of teaching schools.

In addition, the participation of union leaders in tripartite tables, with the SEP and local authorities, was approved to give their opinion on the results of promotion processes for teachers in Basic Education and Higher Secondary Education.

In the Law of the System of Continuous Improvement it was specified that no evaluation to the teachers will put the permanence in their place at risk, and in the General Law of Education the National Institute of the Physical Physical Infrastructure (INIFED) , entity that governed the construction and maintenance of schools.

Members of the PRI, PAN, PRD and Citizen Movement They rejected the approved content and announced challenges for violations of the procedure and the Constitution.

The Red Right Education group rejected the package of secondary laws of the educational reform, warning that they are unconstitutional and that they will return to the sale, rent, and inheritance of jobs, affecting the rectory of the State on Education.

Source: reforma, vanguardia

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